BB Kare Inc

BB KARE Inc. distributes products such as Washroom Products & Accessories, Toilet Partitions and Lockers. We only sell the most innovative products brought to market by the top manufacturers in the industry. We take the North American Initiative very seriously so the majority of our products are made in North America. Our business is to promote and market our products to Architects, Contractors, Builders, Developers, Educational centers and Government sectors. We offer Takeoff, conventional sales opportunities with a personal touch, as well as a convenient on-line sales service. Our competitive edge is that we represent major manufacturers in the industry so we are able to promise to you as customers a great service at competitive rates. This enables you as contractors and builders to enhance the process of bidding.

….Where ever you go, we are there!

Our goal is to make your customers’ shopping experience easier, convenient and most satisfying. Our products will create an environment where your facilities will have the top of the line hygienic and safe accessories to exceed end users’ needs. Ensuring a win – win atmosphere where both your consumers are delighted and your business thrives. Our mission is sustainable ideology, highest quality washroom product and safest technology. This is our obsession. The product lines are focused on enhancing consumer experience and retailer image. A major category of our products, if installed according to guidelines, are officially Approved ADA, and Tested by the FDA, EPA, ASTM & CPSC CFR 1633 Fire Standard. In conclusion, our accessories will revolutionize public spaces.

Philanthropic Program….BB KARE Inc has set a high standard of civic duty to help mankind and therefore to combat and assist in finding a cure for Cancer we have pledged a percentage of our annual Profit to Princess Margret Hospital Foundation, Toronto, Canada. We encourage our customers to click the Donate button ensuring a direct contribution to the hospital [So Help Support the Cause & Buy from Us].

We cherish and appreciate all of our current and future partnerships and we understand that there is no room for disappointment only success.
Please inquire about our Quantity Discounts and Promotions!!!  Call us at (416) 628-4914 / 647-709-7094 or Toll Free 1-866-233-5273