100-EV-BP Vertical Model –


High density polyethylene inhibits bacterial growth. One handed protection strap with cam buckle. Meets A.N.S.I. product safety label standard EZ Mount™ Backer Plate Included.Tested to 150 pounds. A.D.A. compliant. Door Decal Included

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Product Description

Foundations baby changing stations are made from easy to clean, high-density polyethylene which is naturally bacteria resistant. Standard with molded-in dual liner dispensers. Each liner dispenser holds approximately 50 of the 036-LCR or 036-NWL liners. A.D.A. cam-buckle is adjustable with one hand. Smooth nylon safety belt is easily cleaned and does not harbor bacteria. Convenient bag hooks clearly labeled on both sides. Easy to read ANSI compliant labels (ANSI Z535.3 and ANSI Z535.4) utilizing universal safety symbols. Compact, slim profile meets A.D.A. Only protrudes 4 inches or 102 mm from wall. Includes universal changing station door sign. Pneumatic gas shock mechanism to ensure smooth, safe open and close motions. Steel-to-steel support hinges. Includes easy to install, step-by-step instructions plus all mounting hardware. ASTM G21 Anti-Bacterial: No measurable bacterial growth. ASTM G22 Anti-Fungal: No measurable fungal growth. Meets or exceeds ASTM F2285 Safety Specifications for Commercial Changing Stations and comes with a manufacturers warranty for a period of 5 years.

Additional Information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 30 x 32 in
Product Use

3.Professional Building
5.Places of worship
6. Mega Shopping centers & Malls
7. Museum and Galleries
8. Highway Washrooms Facilities.
9. Health and Recreational centers
10.Govt Building
11. Public restrooms


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